Entrada del Albergue

Youth hostel

The hostel is housed in a medieval castle, placed five minutes away from the bus and train stations and ten minutes from the city centre. It has 25 double en-suite rooms and ten with four beds, en-suit likewise; lounge, cafeteria, sitting room, TV lounge, swimming pool, assembly hall, meeting rooms and areas of beautiful gardens overlooking a splendid landscape of the valley of the Tagus. An ideal place to know Toledo and spend a few unforgettable days at a hostel in a special charm.

Brief historical outline of San Servando's Castle.

Because of its strategic location, it is supposed to have been fortified very soon, either as a bridgehead, or for the control of the Roman road and aqueduct. Later a visigothic monastery and an Arabic fortress must have housed. Once the city of Toledo was taken in 1085 by King Alfonso VI, he re-founded a monastery into the fortress, dedicated to the saints Servando and German, in gratefulness for having saved his life in Sagrajas' battle. The monastery lived years of abundance with the continuous possessions granted by the kings, until the year 1099 when it suffered the first assault by the Almoravids. Other assaults followed during the first half of the following century, which caused its abandonment as a monastery. Then after the war of the Navas de Tolosa (1212), because of the decline of its strategic importance it was abandoned. During the fights between Pedro I and Enrique de Trastámara (S.XIV), it regained, once again, its military importance and Archbishop Tenorio ordered its reconstruction. The works ended in 1386; the remains of the building that have come to us belong to this period. In 1857 it was turned into a magazine. In 1873 it was auctioned and since it faced the possibility of demolition it was declared National Historic- Artistic Monument in 1874, being the first castle bearing such a title.

It was rebuilt again in 1959 and since then it has been a private school, university residence, headquarters of the Parliament of Castilla la Mancha and nowadays a youth hostel.


  •  Co-ed dormitory rooms as well as female and male only rooms
  •  Credit cards accepted
  •  Pets are not admitted
  •  Opened all the year round except 24th ,25th and 31st December and 1st January
  •  Hostelling International card compulsory
  •  Two and four beds en-suite rooms
  •  Public telephone available
  •  Access to Internet available
  •  Audio-visual means available
  •  Adapted to disabled persons
  •  Lift
  •  Air conditioned in common areas
  •  Central heating
  •  Restaurant
  •  Cafeteria
  •  Laundry Service
  •  Cold drinks machine
  •  Television hall
  •  Luggage storage
  •  Lockers
  •  Swimming pool
  •  Sport track
  •  Assembly hall and 4 meeting rooms


The hostel offers the possibility to do playful, recreative and tourist activities, indoors and outdoors, if the lodger is interested.

Our Clients Say:
I was looking for an 'albergue' with my sister, so we followed the map and where a bit surprised when we saw 'the budget accomodation place for sudents'. it was incredible to look for modest building and find the castle! the room was very warm, bath was as spacious as in some 5**** hotel. well, the windows were more like shooting holes (actually, they were the shooting holes), but it was fantastic and romantic experience. though the albergue is not so close to the center, there was a tiny typical spanish bar a little bit down the hill to spend the evening.

zuikis007 (tripadvisor.es)


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